HyperCSM detect and survey carriers on satellites transponders or in HF / VHF or UHF frequency bands. HyperCSM has no limitation on the number of monitored carriers.
HyperCSM is the best tool for:

  • monitor the quality of service for authorized carriers,
  • detect interferences.

HyperCSM have an graphical user interface used to manage features:

  • acquisition and display signals,
  • authorized carriers selection,
  • frequency plans definition,
  • alarms management (non conform, interferences . . . ),
  • database management (frequency plans, monitoring tasks, satellites, ground stations . . . ).


HyperCSM manage several databases:

  • geosynchronous and geostationnary telecommunication satellites,
  • transmitters,
  • frequency plans.


HyperCSM survey all carriers RF parameters (center frequency, bandwidth, C/N, EIRP). HyperCSM can trigger an alarm when the carrier is non coform to its database definition or when an interference appear. All alarms are stored in an alarm database. An alarm can be a sound, sending an e-mail or launching the execution of a user executable file.
It is possible to make an "a posteriori" carrier analysis using the compagnon software HyperMon.