• As of version 3.x, the suite is a bundle of 6 softwares (first 6 items of the list displayed at the right). These softwares can be purchased or activated independently. A software protection key (dongle) is required.
  • The "Transportable Analysis and Geolocation System" is a system including hardware and software dedicated to satellite carrier analysis and passive geolocation. Just connect your antennas outputs (in L band) to the TAGS 330 RF inputs and your system is ready for massive carrier analysis and geolocation.
  • A digitizer with 2 configurable RF channels (HF, VHF or L band) and embedded computing power. The system provides many agile DDC streams of samples to clients over a network. It also works seamlessly with HyperRecorder, helping you to record and process tens of DDC !
  • Prices are available upon request. Available packages are detailed an partly depend on the bandwidth of interest (whether land HF/VUHF or satellite C/X/KU/KA).